Adrian Peterson Was Screwed By Estate Sale Company and Overzealous Media | Purple Jesus Says He Hasn’t Blown $100M NFL Fortune

Former NFL running back Adrian Peterson enjoyed an illustrious NFL career which saw him rush for 14,918 yards (fifth all time) and 120 career rushing touchdowns (fourth all time). He also rushed for an NFL single-game record 296 yards in his rookie season of 2007.

The former Oklahoma Sooners star, who won Offensive Rookie of the Year (2007), Offensive Player of the Year and MVP (2012), was also named an All-Pro and selected to the Pro Bowl seven times.

Former NFL star Adrian Peterson says an estate sale company sold off items that he specifically told them not to sell, prompting social media to assume that he had blown his $100M fortune. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Adrian Peterson Made Over $100M

With accolades like that you know the dynamic back who put fear in many defenses and was nicknamed “Purple lJesus” was raking in the money 

In fact, Peterson earned over $103 million in his NFL career, not bad for a guy from the small town of Palestine, Texas.

That brings us to the question as to why AP or AD (All Day), as he’s affectionately known, would be selling his memorabilia. The first thought is he was broke and needed some cash, but, per Peterson, that’s not the case at all. 

After rumors quickly spread of some of Peterson’s most prized items being sold and auctioned off, the three-time NFL rushing leader and two-time rushing touchdowns leader was quick to kill the noise of him being broke. 

In a video obtained by TMZ Peterson was adamant that he’s not in need of money and that things were being done without his approval. 

“I want I clarify recent rumors and media reports. An estate sale company without my authorization included some of my trophies in a sale, despite clear instructions to leave personal items untouched.”

“I did not authorize the sale of my trophies and am taking legal action. Trusting the company without my supervision was my mistake. We allowed them to go into several of our storage units with clear instructions. They clearly did something unlawful. 

“I want to emphasize that I am financially stable and would never sell off my hard-earned trophies or sports personal items.”

Adrian Peterson Plans To Sue

Peterson says his intent is to sue the estate sale company. His rep Denise White also told TMZ Sports that Peterson actually hired the company to get rid of the things he didn’t want located in a storage unit. White says they knew not to get rid of things that were most precious to the former star running back. 

Peterson Was Reportedly In Deep Debt In 2019

Per reports in 2019, Peterson had defaulted on a $5.2M loan, and a judge ruled that he pay $2.4M to one creditor and $600K to another in the matter.

At the time Peterson’s attorney mentioned that Peterson had trusted the wrong people in business deals, and it wasn’t the first time he’d done so. 

Some believe that’s why he continued to play at the age of 35, even though his career was pretty much over. For a player to have made that type of money and still be suiting up at that age in a backup role does make it look as if he needed the paper.

He says he didn’t then and doesn’t now. Only AP truly knows. Things like this won’t help his public image as it relates to his financial situation.

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