Adrian Peterson Is Still About That Action

You see that trailer for the new Marvel movie Black Panther? 

The Shadow League on Twitter

This new trailer for #BlackPanther is the shot of espresso you need to start your morning.

The way Black Panther is wrecking shop kind of reminds me of Adrian Peterson, who was finally allowed to do what he does best on Sunday, which is tote the rock, get yards and hit paydirt. Peterson could have hung em’ up a few years back when the rumblings of him being washed up started surfacing. 

He could have bowed out years ago and walked off into the sunset as the greatest running back of his era and the last big-time, ground-and-pound back in a changing NFL. He could have ducked from the game in shame after child abuse claims threw a monkey wrench in his 2016 season. He could have retired after signing with the Saints and being treated like a super scrub by head coach Sean Payton. 

Instead, Peterson decided to make fools eat crow. 

Thomas Duffy on Twitter

Adrian Peterson in his #Cardinals debut: 26 carries 134 yards 2 TD W Remember when he was washed up?

Peterson chose what kind of king he wanted to be. He chose to be the one to control how his legacy ends. How the final chapter of a glorious career is remembered. He got the hell out of New Orleans before things got worse and arrived in Arizona, a team that needed him just as much as he needed them. 

It didnt take but one week for Peterson to shut his haters up, make the Saints look foolish and re- establish himself at the age of 32 as one of the premier pigskin toters in the game. 

Chris Wesseling on Twitter

If you missed #TBvsAZ, here is video of all 26 @AdrianPeterson carries en route to 134 yards and 2 TDs

On Sunday Peterson turned back the clock in his first game for the Cardinals, going for 134 yards and two TDs  while averaging 5.2 yards per carry in a 38-33 Arizona upset of Tampa Bay. It took one game for Purple Jesus to turn the Cardinals into a ground force on offense. 

There are about 25 teams in football who could desperately use that kind of production, but Arizona was the only one smart enough to let Peterson do his thing. 

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