Addition Of D’Angelo Russell Gives GSW A $100 Million Backcourt

The former Brooklyn Nets guard doesn’t have Klay Thompson’s range, but he has mega game.

D’Angelo Russell came into his own as an NBA player with a Brooklyn Nets squad that reached the playoffs for the first time since the 2014-15 season, averaging 21.1 points per game with 7 assists and 3.9 boards a game. After three solid seasons with the Lakers to begin his career the 22-year-old baller established himself as a rising All-Star.

Despite his progression, Brooklyn preferred to put their point guard position in the hands of Kyrie Irving and agreed on a sign-and-trade that will send Russell to the Golden State Warriors on a four-year, $117 million max deal.

According to reports Andre Iguodala will end up in Memphis, signaling an official end to the Warriors Dynasty. 

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What we know so far… GRIZZLIES: -Andre Iguodala -2024 1st WARRIORS: -D’Angelo Russell -Shabazz Napier -Treveon Graham NETS: -Kevin Durant

The Warriors will look significantly different next season with Kevin Durant joining Irving in Brooklyn, but they will still be splashing and dashing with the addition of Russell, who will get his fair share of shots in 2020 as Klay Thompson recovers from a torn ACL suffered in the NBA Finals. 

The addition of Russell gives Golden State three lethal weapons at guard and a $100 million dollar backcourt which we can probably call the NBA’s best right now. 

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The price of the Warriors backcourt next season Steph Curry: $40.2 million Klay Thompson: $32.7 million D’Angelo Russell: $27.2 million Total: $100.1 million

Whether or not Russell will remain with the Warriors is uncertain, They could use him as a trade chip in the future, but for now, he’s another All-Star added to a franchise that is used to having an abundance of elite talent on the roster. 

Marc Stein of the New York Times said on the “Dan Patrick Show” that he expects Golden State to eventually trade the All-Star guard for compensation because “he does not fit there whatsoever.”

“They just did not want to see Kevin Durant walk out the door with no compensation. … They will trade him. It’s just a matter of when,” Stein insists. 

If they do trade Russell it won’t be anytime soon because the Warriors don’t have a viable replacement for Klay at this time — unless they consider Shabazz Napier the answer — so contrary to what Stein said, Russell is actually a decent fit with Klay rehabbing. 

Russell isn’t considered a great outside shooter. He shot just 43.4 % from the field and just 36.9 % from three-point range, but he can get to the bucket and score. Critics of the move, say Russell’s style of play makes him a bad match with the Warriors pass-first style of play. 


Skip: It was complete panic on the Warriors to give D’Angelo Russell the max. @ShannonSharpe: D’Angelo had the 3rd highest usage rate behind Harden & Russ. He’ll dribble the ball more in 2 possessions than Klay will in a single night. Skip: Unless you trade him at the deadline.

The Lakers and Minnesota also expressed interest in Russell, so he could end up with one of those teams eventually.

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