According to Hall of Famer Tim Brown, Black Protest is “Negativity”

And, as has been the case multiple times this week, we find another anti-protesting former NFL star speaking with TMZ Sports. Its almost becoming expected that whenever a black football player wants to throw dirt on Colin Kaepernick, as well as current protest participants Michael Bennett and Marshawn Lynch, TMZ provides the platform for him to make that point.  

Its peculiar in and of itself to go to such an apparatus to express themselves as black men born and living in America in this day and age. But the gleeful nature with which said views are broadcast by TMZ magnifies my nausea.  

And the hits just keep on coming as Tim Brown is the latest to show us just how unenlightened he is.

Tim Brown Against Marshawn Lynch Protest: ‘Why Bring This Negativity?’

Tim Brown is against Marshawn Lynch’s national anthem protest — telling TMZ Sports, “Why bring negativity to this incredible, positive situation?”

Browns perspective, football is the sole controller once you come out of that tunnel. As you can see, each and every word out of his mouth; team, championship, Jack Del Rio and negativity, reflects what hes thinking about, Super Bowl.   

In the video, Brown also states that he believes Raiders ownership would have supported Lynchs endeavors had his venue of protest been outside of the field of play, and that he understands why players were protesting.  

This appears to allude to some comprehension of whats at stake here. However, after a lifetime of being wedded to football, his brain is virtually hardwired to the team dynamic.

And, in his opinion, that dynamic has no room for Black protest.