Aaron McGruder’s Black Jesus Already Causing Concerns

When news first began circulating that Aaron McGruder would no longer be involved with the animated show birthed from his imagination, The Boondock’s, most fans were upset. They have a point, the show without his personal inprint this season has been wack. However, his subsequent announcement and involvement in another Adult Swim offering titled Black Jesus, has some excited and others balking.

Black Jesus tells the story of Jesus in modern day Compton, CA as he attempts to bring love and understanding to the hood with his group of downtrodden yet loyal disciples. The live-action scripted project stars Antwon Tanner, Kali Hawk, Angela Gibbs, Andrew Bachelor, and Valenzia Algarin. The role of Black Jesus is played by Gerald “Slink” Johnson. 

Despite the storyline's positive spin, we know McGruder’s style. Social commentary veiled in sarcastic jokes will likely prevail along with controversy. Minister Paul Scott of the Messianic Afrikan Nation is the first to show anger, by calling for a boycott of the Cartoon Network and the show.   

“This show is the “Satanic Verses” of the Black Theology movement,” says Scott, a Durham, NC based minister and activist who compared Black Jesus to the controversial Salman Rushdie book. “We need miracles. Not minstrel shows.”

Active since 1999, Min. Paul Scott has spoken out against a myriad of television and film properties. Protesting hip hop artists who push a self-destructive version of music, his screaming is heard, but it might only help with PR.

Black Jesus premieres Aug. 7 on Adult Swim. Check out the trailer below.

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