A Year Ago, Max Kellerman Went Off About The NFL Blackballing Kap

    Colin Kaepernick is still being blackballed by the NFL. Kap was blackballed last year as the offseason went by and he remain unsigned.

    ESPN’s Max Kellerman saw that realized how ridiculous and unjust it was that he was being stripped of his chance of playing in the NFL and talked about it on First Take.

    The Shadow League on Twitter

    About a year ago @MaxKellerman spoke about how Colin Kaepernick was being blackballed from the NFL and then spoke about racial injustice as a whole in this country. A year later, this clip is still very relevant and a must-watch. https://t.co/CiqrGaoQKz

    It’s a two-minute clip that discusses how unfairly Kaepernick was being treated, but also how it relates to racial inequality in society as a whole. His speech is still one that really stands out when it comes to strong analysis of what happened to the quarterback’s career.