A-Rod’s Pimp Hand Is Stronger Than Yours

Alex Rodriguez is the best in the game according to Kobe Bryant. Time and time again, he keeps proving it.

Though Derek Jeter has always and will always hold the crown in New York, A-Rod has successfully been able to carve out his own slice of the pie and hold it down consistently.

Check his performance in the playoffs so far. Despite being one of the highest paid players ever and riding the bench during the most important part of the season, A-Rod still keeps his pimp hand strong.

That’s right. A .130 playoff batting average doesn’t stop someone like A-Rod, who, according to Kobe, sometimes forgets he’s the best in the game. The message obviously got through, as A-Rod managed to pick up an Australian bikini model while riding the bench during Game 1 of the ALCS.

A-Rod went old school on this one, writing his number on a ball and tossing it to her in the stands, a move usually reserved for children seeking autographs. Not in A-Rod’s world. He’s playing on a different level.

With this pickup, A-Rod’s checks off model after recently checking actress, self, singer, and entertainer. Hell of a run.

Oh, wait, people are mad about this? You realize he’s getting over $20 million a year until he’s 42, right? Better find a way to enjoy it.

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