A First Glimpse: Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck’s casting as Batman in the new Batman vs. Superman movie had many up in arms, pissed about his casting, concerned about how Affleck could possibly portray the dark knight properly. Petitions were made asking for him to be recast. Social media hate spanned the universe. And now, director Zack Snyder has released a tweeted photo glimpse of what Affleck will look like in all of his caped crusader glory.

Standing next to an early photo of the batmobile, the buffed, grainy, picture looks fine. But it’s not really what fans are concerned about. It’s the acting. How he conveys Bruce Wayne turned to the dark, brooding fury of Batman. Sure, he can look good doing it. But if he doesn’t act like it, or be it, then no one really cares how good he looks other than Hollywood. Time will tell.


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