Black QB Chronicles: 5 Reasons Why Cam Newton Leads Patriots To NFL Playoffs 

  1. Belichick Is A Mastermind At Talent Evaluation & Placement

Bill Belichick knows how to deal with talent. Cam Newton still has enough of it to be a huge force. His presence allows Josh McDaniels to modernize the Pats offense and incorporate Cam’s legs into the game plan. Mobility is one of the few luxuries they lacked at quarterback with Tom Brady at the position. Cam doesn’t need to run as much as he did in Carolina. You have to believe that the Patriots coaching staff is a step up from any staff Cam’s dealt with.

Who knows what wrinkles they will come up with? It’s been so long since the Pats could run anything other than offenses that kept Brady upright and not having to throw too far down the field. The creative juices will be flowing. It’s going to be a new experience for Pats fans.

2. Newton Maintains Marketing Magnificence, Stature of Pats QB

Cam Newton has a flair and style, marketability and likeability with young people that transcends the game and makes him a great brand. His presence makes Patriots press conferences — once the land of one-word answers and demeaning Trump-style attacks on reporters — the place to be. That’s why he has so many fellow players rooting for him.

Some tightass Boston fans and radio guys don’t want to see him “showboating,” but that’s just chatter from some old, played out talking heads trying to pander to an audience that has no influence on how players choose to celebrate within the rules. Players like Cam are for the new generation of NFL fans.

And as far as this infatuation with Cam’s fashion sense, I bet if you asked Kanye West he’d say he loves Cam’s postgame fashion choices. But that’s stuff people only complain about when you’re losing.

The majority of fans, kids and consumers absolutely love it and it only adds interest and excitement to the entertainment package, because that’s what football is. Everyone knows that by now. 

Cam will bring a dynamic personality to a franchise that just experienced two decades of Tom Brady’s equally dynamic personality. They may express it a bit differently, but Cam has an ego like Brady. He has a competitive nature similar to Brady’s. He knows that his Pats squad lives and dies on his ability to execute — same as when Brady was at the helm.

Cam also has a unique compassion for people.

Cam’s vocality or divaisms (if that’s what some want to call his confidence)  will be nothing new to Belichick, who is probably ecstatic to have a breath of fresh air at the position. 

3. Cam Newton With A Chip On Shoulder

Cam Newton has a chip on his shoulder the size of a boulder. He may have started at the top of the NFL food chain, but being dumped by Carolina and then having to settle on a one-year contract that Richard Sherman described as “disgusting,” gives Cam a better understanding of what drove Brady, who was an unheralded sixth-round draft pick out of Michigan.

Cam gets just $550,000 guaranteed and a $1.05 million base that could balloon to $7.5 million if he meets incentives.  He said it isn’t about the money. “It’s about respect.” 

Cam’s constantly feeling disrespected and Belichick knows the advantages of having a confident player with superstar potential who’s more motivated than ever. Belichick knows that Cam will come in and play this season with an edge, renewed enthusiasm, and humility that will keep him striving for perfection. 

Who better than Bill to take that grudge and fine-tune it into gold for the franchise? Even if it’s just for one season.  

4. AFC Least 

Any division that the Buffalo Bills and Josh Allen are picked to win outright is a division that I know the Patriots can win. The AFC East is supposed to be wide open for either the Bills or NY Jets to rise to the top of the division. In fairness, that was before Cam was signed and unproven Jared Stidham was supposed to be starting. I don’t see that happening. The Bills are a stretch and probably a season away from playoff contention. The Jets don’t have the talent. Miami will be improved but would be happy with 6 wins.

5. Opposites Attract 

Contrary to popular belief, I feel like Cam’s effervescence will be a positive influence on Belichick. If reports of Belichick having a comical side off the field and away from the cameras is true, then those two guys should hit it off big.

Cam is very eccentric and Bill is more straight-laced, but I predict that the two men will have a profound influence on each other because they both understand what the goal is.

Belichick has much to prove as well, so he’s invested in Cam. There are pundits who say Belichick’s success is all because of Brady and that’s got to jab at his soul. Both Cam and Bill can get surly when they lose. Two egomaniacs on a mission, both gifted and transcending in their profession. Geniuses of the art form. Belichick masterminds the game plan and Cam moves the crowd, making the Pats a must see this NFL season.

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