5 Dunks Off The Top Of My Head That Would Slaughter De’Andre’s

The Brandon Knight chalk outline memes and jocular tampering of his Wikipedia profile have brought a smirk to our faces, but the hoops nation has to pump the brakes on calling DeAndre Jordan's dunk one of the greatest slams of all-time. Over at the Shadow League, we've got to blow the whistle on the excessive exaltation being showered upon the Clippers center. To be honest, it wasn't even the most impressive dunk Jordan's ever flushed as a resident of Lob City. Jordan's dunk was nice but the most thunderous element of his dunk sequence came when Brandon Knight's listless body hit the ground.

At  7-1, Jordan is one of the most athletic centers in the league. If he'd soared over a fellow big man, he'd get some consideration for dunk of the month. Jordan just outleapt a 6-3 point guard who wandered into unfamiliar territory. How many of the top dunks of all-time have involved the dunker rising up over a shorter defender? There are none. In the modern, highlight era, folks have amnesia. Now that we've got the introductions out the way, we're here to refresh your memories and present five randomly selected dunks that were better than Jordan's. We could have posted more, but five gets the point across.


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