30-Year Anniversary of Howard University’s 1991 Hip Hop Conference

30 years ago, the students of Howard University changed the landscape of Hip-Hop, shifting the cultural movement from the clubs, basements and personal boomboxes, and bringing it into the classrooms of the academy.

Before there were classes on Tupac’s poetry or Hip-Hop Summits set up to unpack the social ills within the culture, the Bisons were merging their mark in social justice to create a space for rappers like Chuck D and Queen Latifah to understand their power as artists with their Hip-Hop Conference sponsored by The Cultural Initiative, Inc.

The Shadow League got to sit down with four of the young activists (now all grown up) who created the Hip-Hop Conference back in 1991.

Ceeon D. Quiett-Smith, Timothy D. Jones and Sheri D. Warren all jumped it off as they helped produce the first Hip-Hop conference that eventually evolved into The Cultural Initiative, Inc.

Lance Williams was a youngster that got involved a little later but stepped up through his Power Move streaming service to produce the anniversary.

The 30th Anniversary Celebration was a two-day event that was hosted on the Black-owned  PowerMoveTV.com. The members of Power Move had the idea to honor the founders of the Hip-Hop conference that ran for six consecutive years before it dissolved.

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