2Pac and James Brown Mashed-Up and Unchained

Two of the music industry’s most revered acts are back from the dead, and this time not in hologram form. 2Pac and the hardest working man in showbiz, James Brown, are here to keep us company until Tarantino's Django Unchained hits the silver screen on X-Mas.

Mashed up by engineer Claudio Cueni, a new track off the Unchained soundtrack (hitting stores December 18), blends Brown’s “The Payback” with Pac’s “Untouchable” into a surprisingly listenable track (if only for exactly three-and-a-half listens). The No. 1 hit, “The Payback,” which was supposed to double as the soundtrack to blaxploitation film Hell Up in Harlem (1973), might finally get the screentime it deserves.

Django Unchained has been quietly building a buzz since it was revealed that Jamie Foxx was to play its protagonist, as a slave gone vengeful in typical Tarantino style. The soundtrack will also feature the likes of Teflon Don Rick Ross, and, how’s this for juxtaposition, Jim Croce.

Check out the 2Pac/Godfather of Soul mash-up below.

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