Zimmerman Vs. DMX “Celebrity” Fight Canceled!

    In what appears to prove that petitions and negative press can make a change, a solid win for progressives against stupidity came Saturday. Infamous fight promoter Damon Feldman, the not so masterful mind behind the so-called celebrity boxing match between un-convicted murderer George Zimmerman and one-time superstar rapper DMX, tweeted that he will cancel the fight saying, "This was the wrong person to put in the ring and define celebrity boxing thank you."

    Mentioning that he won’t be involved in any Zimmerman fights in the future, he also tweeted from his handle @hollywoodbox11, "I walked away from a million dollar payday with this fight, but to be honest I'd rather be happy and make people happy thank you."

    Perhaps Feldman was intelligently aware that having such a fight on his resume would sully his reputation and business dealings in the immediate future following the fight. And apparently the angry heat from multiple petitions that quickly popped up and negative press from media outlets like The Shadow League and likeminded publications, became too much for him to handle.

    "I wasn't being disrespected to anyone I had a plan here with this fight I'll let you know soon hope everyone is happy I'm very sorry," he tweeted. "I want to thank everyone for the good n bad comments I've made the choice to cancel the fight w George Zimmermann more to life then money."

    Despite the poor wording used in his tweets, Feldman got the message and so should we: Speaking up and out really can work.