Your Weekend In Tweets: 2.11.2013

The first weekend without football wasn't so bad thanks to exciting NBA action and the Grammy's. Twitter is always great during award shows because everyone turns into fashion critics, A & R reps, musicians and pundits instantly. Y'all were at your snarky best Sunday night. 

You’re a very strange man.



He has the best fade in the NBA.



You didn’t have to do him like that.



Y’all have been without football for months since you didn’t make the playoffs.



I don’t miss those at all.



This is mean but I laughed!



Bad luck seems to follow him.



Maybe he was fighting the power.



I tried to be nice.



It would.



It was rather matronly but it works for her.



Wifey giving out the hall pass.



As well he should be.



That’s coach of the month.



Winning the game of life.



That’s scary.



Let’s hope he never bleaches his skin.



Way to stand up, Kobe.



He did do that.






On that note we will.



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