Your Daily Dose Of Senseless Gun Violence | Vallejo HS Football Coach Joe Pastrana Shot While Breaking Up A Fight

A high school football coach was hospitalized after being shot outside of the school in California on Tuesday, according to reports.

Joe Pastrana, the defensive coordinator of the Vallejo High School, was shot in the hip while breaking up a fight at the end of the school day around 3:40 p.m.

According to police officials several students were fighting with unidentified males when Pastrana intervened to break up the melee.

A bystander captured the incident on their cellphone camera.

Police say that after the groups were separated, some of the people involved got into a black Audi and started shooting backward while fleeing the scene. It is believed that one of these bullets struck Pastrana in the hip.

In another video clip people can be heard screaming and running for cover as gunshots ring out.

“The motive and circumstances involving this incident remain under investigation,” authorities said in a statement this week.

Head football coach Mike Wilson said Pastrana is in a stable condition at a local hospital. The team learned about the shooting of Pastrana as they were suiting up for Tuesday’s practice.

“When we found out what happened all practices were canceled,” Wilson said. “When it was safe we told everyone to go home.”

According to Gun Violence Archive 28,194 people have been injured by guns in America this year. There are still three and a half months left in the year so that number will increase.

The point has been made by many politicians, regular citizens, and decent human beings over the years. The access to guns in this country is too easy and as a whole, American’s collective obsession with guns is problematic.

In this instance nobody was killed, but if that bullet is six inches to the left, right, up, or down we could be talking about a different scenario. And for what? Pastrana was trying to precent violence and he took one to the hip for his trouble.

Whomever the suspect is. Was whatever the fight was about worth grabbing a gun and firing into a crowd of people? A gun is a killing instrument. Why do people feel the need or have the desire to end another person’s life, specifically in these types of situations?

“This is a very courageous staff member that potentially saved another child’s life or multiple people’s lives,” said Vallejo Police Chief Shawny Williams.
“It’s a tragedy anytime there is a shooting anywhere near a school. This is a senseless act of violence committed by some individuals who do not value human life. Enough is enough. It’s a sad day anyone is shot in front of our children at school where they should feel safe.”

Classes resumed on Wednesday with an increased security and police presence and mental health providers will be available for students who need additional support. This is standard practice in many school districts across the country after a shooting incident.

That the practice has become standard should horrify any decent human being that cares about others.

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