Young Rappers Are Too Cool To Release Albums On Time

Kendrick Lamar's album is about a month away. It drops Oct. 2. Here's a brief, but informative interview for you. In the meantime, though, another newbie gets his debut date pushed back. A$AP Rocky just announced that his freshman effort, LoveLiveA$AP, will now drop Oct. 31, instead of its original Sept. 11 date. Just last week, another Harlem youngster, Azealia Banks, moved back her debut all the way to February. Meek Mill said no to the summer, too. (How's this for a fake Mill rhyme? "I'm pushin' back my album/I'm pushin' back yo' wig/I'm cashin' out on platinum/I'm cashin' out with yo' chick" … Nailed it, right?)

This isn't a trend — it's a rite of passage. What self-respecting new artist doesn't push back their street date at least once? I'm not being sarcastic. Setting a release date and sticking to it is for squares. It's like arriving to the club when the doors open.

With that said, if Kendrick delays his release, I'm throwing a tantrum. I need that album, fam.

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