Young Guru Takes His Musical Prowess To Southern Cal

    Young Guru is known to some as the "Sound of New York City" but he's taking his talents to the West Coast to school students at USC. Guru became the Thornton's Contemporary Music Division's artist-in-residence for the year. Guru will mentor students on everything from basic engineering to the business of music. 

    Here is a breif exerpt from his interview with the LA Times.

    The class that I’m teaching will start with the basic foundations of sound and move all the way up to engineering and mixing and mastering and what some of those ideas and concepts are. I’m even more excited to help the university develop a program that will encompass everything of music — the business and the technology; the music is just one part of it. In order to be successful in today’s business, not only do you have to know how to make the music but you also have to know how to get that music out.

    I don’t believe you can consider yourself having an education in music and not having some type of business education. All of those things encompassed together is what makes someone ready to actually go out into the world and actually utilize their skill. It’s one thing to just sit down and make music, but at this point in history, there shouldn’t be any artist that’s not properly educated on publishing, what splits are and just how the industry works and how you get paid from it.