You Wasn’t With Me Shootin’ In The Gym: Lame Heat Fans Bailed On Their Squad And Missed An Epic

Miami Heat fans are just like Drake's personal perception of Vanessa Bryant. During the waning moments of Game 6, they wasn't with him shooting in the gym. Whether it’s true or not, that’s the perception thanks to a handful of fans.

After Manu Ginobili intercepted a LeBron James pass and raced down the court, drew a foul and put the Spurs up 94-89 with 28.9 seconds to go, Heat fans began trickling out of the arena. It was inexplicable for anybody that’s watched more than a handful of NBA games in their lifetime.

However, after a pair of threes by James and Ray Allen tied the game at the end of regulation, Heat fans outside the arena began racing back to regain entry. Fortunately, the Heat have a No Re-Entry policy in place for fans during home games.

This left hundreds of fans begging to be let back into the arena while an epic played out inside the American Airlines’s walls. The situation got so chaotic outside the area that police were called to the scene. It’s not a good look for Heat fans. This happens everywhere, but because it’s Miami, the scrutiny is magnified.

Let’s be honest though: not all or even a majority, but many Heat fans are gold digging fans. It’s harsh language, but you have to call a spade a spade. Once James joined Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in South Beach, the bandwagon filled back up. Instead of ridin’ or dyin’, fickle fans began bailing out of a moving vehicle once they encountered turbulence.

This should be less about those fugazi stans and more about more about Miami’s real fans. You find out who your real friends are when the going gets tough. Miami found out who its real fans were in Game 6.

In 2003, Chris Rock portrayed a fictional presidential nominee named Mays Gilliam in the comedy Head of State. Gilliam’s off-and-on flame, Kim (Robin Givens) is the archetype for bandwagon passengers. Like Heat fans, who abandoned their team before the final buzzer, Kim left Gilliams and then sunk her claws back rattling on about wedding plans once he had the Oval Office in his reach.

Fickle Heat fans will shamelessly discuss how they want to celebrate the title and celebrate their squad’s resiliency, but we’ll give them the side eye. Hopefully, snapshots of their faces will get erected on American Airlines Arena’s Wall of Shame and security takes a hint from Gilliam.


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