You Need To Know- The Gary Russell Family

In our latest series, “You Need to Know”, we will be showcasing some of the most interesting, entertaining, inspirational and positive people in the world of sports. Those who are on the rise and those that sports fans everywhere need to know all about.

For the first installment in this series we focus on the five Gary’s of the Russell boxing family. Gary Russell Jr. is the current WBC Featherweight Champion. His brothers, Gary Allen Russell III, Gary Antonio Russell and Gary Antuanne Russell are all National Golden Gloves Champions, and they’re all coached by their Father, Gary Russell Sr. But this is more than just another boxing story, more than just another story of a family using sports to avoid the mean streets.

This is the story of a Father who raises boys, his sons, to become successful men both in and outside of the ring. As we head into Father’s Day weekend, it’s only right that we honor men who are real Fathers to their children, and give you the story of a family that you NEED to know. 

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