What Killed Boxer Sherifdeen Lawal? | 29-Year Old Dies In First Pro Bout In London

Boxing has lost some of its popularity and attraction in America since the days when the heavyweight champion was the most famous athlete in the country. 

The lack of fan interest hasn’t changed the fact that it’s a sport that can have deadly consequences. Boxers don’t die in the ring often, but it’s not unheard of and recently, middleweight boxer Sherifeed Lawal passed away after collapsing in the ring following a knockout punch in his professional debut in the U.K.

What Happened To Boxer Sherif Lawal?

Lawal was only 29 years old. He was a highly-rated St Pancras ABC stalwart who was looking forward to rising up the ranks.

His pro boxing career tragically ended as soon as it started on Sunday at the Harrow Leisure Centre in London, where he faced Portuguese fighter Malam Varela (2-4) on the undercard of the Clash of Titans fight night. 

The first three rounds were pretty even, then in the fourth round Varela threw a haymaker of a right that landed directly on Lawal’s temple, knocking him to the ground.

As soon as the blow was struck the referee immediately called for medical assistance.

According to reports, doctors and paramedics jumped into the ring and performed CPR for over 10 minutes before the pugilist was taken to the Northwick Park Hospital and shortly after pronounced dead. 

“I am so sorry to hear this. Such Talent,” one fan wrote. “Condolences to Sherif’s family & friends. May he rest in peace.”

Sherif began his boxing mission in 2018. He and his trainer CJ Hussein decided that it was time for the talented fighter to turn pro. 

“I think the pro game will suit Sherif down to a tee, he’s got all the talent to become a great middleweight,” Hussein said to Camden New Journal at the time.

“He’s a real inspiration to all the younger boxers at the gym.”

Boxing is a dangerous sport and one of the worst places to catch a big blow is to the temple. Longtime promoter Lou Dibella reminded the public of the risks involved with boxing. 

“#Boxing is often unforgiving; our athletes don’t play, they fight. Every time they do, they bear great risk,” he tweeted.

What Killed Sherifdeen Lawal?: Temple Blows Are Potentially Lethal

The cause of death is still unknown, but it is a medical fact that hits to the temple from falls, fistfights, or mishaps during high-impact sports pose a significant risk to the brain. Even a seemingly harmless object, if projected with enough force, can cause severe damage.

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