You Guys Need To Put These PEDS Down

Looks like Alex Rodriguez rekindled an old vice in Miami.  According to a scathing 5400-word manifesto released Tuesday by the Miami New Times, the New York Yankees slugger, along with other active Major League Baseball players like Melky Cabrera (Toronto Blue Jays), Nelson Cruz (Texas Rangers) and Gio Gonzalez (Washington Nationals), appeared on lists from an anti-aging clinic in Miami that allegedly dispensed performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), including human growth hormone, testosterone and anabolic steroids.

On the same day, amidst the frenzy of Super Bowl, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis was also implicated in a report by Sports Illustrated for using deer antler spray (you can’t make this stuff up) that contains the banned substance IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).

After the news hit, it was a media sh*tstorm in NOLA.  For his part, Lewis denied any involvement with the mysterious company known as S.W.A.T.S. (Sports With Alternatives to Steroids), which reportedly offers “steroid-free” supplements and wonder cures to help athletes beast like they’ve never beasted before. 

“That was a two-year-old story that you want me to refresh,” Lewis said on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t give him the credit to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment. I can’t do it. So I won't even speak about it.  I’ve been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me,” Lewis said. “Every test I’ve ever took in the NFL? There’s never been a question if I’ve ever even thought about using anything. So to even entertain stupidity like that, tell him to try to get his story off somebody else.”

However this shakes out in the coming days and weeks, at least Ray spoke up for himself.  A-Rod hid behind his public relations puppeteers at Sitrick and Company, who issued this statement on his behalf:

"The news report about a purported relationship between Alex Rodriguez and Anthony Bosch are not true," the statement says. "Alex Rodriguez was not Mr. Bosch's patient, he was never treated by him and he was never advised by him. The purported documents referenced in the story — at least as they relate to Alex Rodriguez — are not legitimate."

Here we go again.  Athletes doing whatever they can to gain an edge.  Even if “whatever” is cheating.  For Ray to go out like this, on the eve of what could be his swan song, would be incredibly disappointing.  I’m hoping against hope that this deer antler business doesn’t stick and taint his legacy.

As for A-Rod, he’s already admitted to using PEDs from ’01-’03.  It’s as easy as falling back into the sheets with an ex for this $275 million man.  The Yanks are already doing their best to cut bait and void the remaining five years and $114 million left on his contract if he’s found guilty. 

"We fully support the Commissioner's Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. This matter is now in the hands of the Commissioner's Office. We will have no further comment until that investigation has concluded," the Yankees said in a statement.

Baseball is still reeling from the OG ‘roid crew, it can’t keep takin’ it to the chin from performance-enhancing cheats.  Cooperstown drew a line in the sand and the MLB should, too.  It’s time to eradicate PEDs from the sport completely.  If Bud Selig ain’t about that life, he needs to bring in Donald Trump’s bum ass so he can’t rattle off his catchphrase on A-Rod and Co. like it’s a bodily function: “You’re fired!”

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