“You BABOON!!! Sellout out!!” | Baron Davis Comes For Clipper Darrell Defending Donald Sterling

Baron Davis is not one to hold his tongue when he sees something he feels is out of line in his native city of Los Angeles.

The City of Angels basketball legend is passionate about basketball and the West Coast and sensitive when you mention former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Clipper Darrell

A well-known L.A. Clippers superfan recently took to social media to relive a forlorn and much-maligned era. The L.A. Clippers organization was mired in controversy during the Donald Sterling era; however, a fan has waxed poetic about missing the Sterling ownership period.

Clipper Darrell created controversy during the weekend, reminiscing over the dishonored former Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Clipper Darrell posted a photo of himself in a two-toned Clippers-themed suit and Donald Sterling smiling with the words, “I Miss My Buddy!!! Donald T Sterling.”

B.D. Isn’t Having It

The former Clippers point guard, Davis, leaped into action to quickly shut down any notion that Sterling was acceptable at the cookout. However, across two social media platforms, Baron unloaded on Clipper Darrell.

Baron Davis’ “The Drew” Documentary Is A Love Letter

“We always miss the ones who hate us the most,” Baron tweeted in disgust to Clipper Darrell’s posts in adoration of Sterling. “‘Just one more dance master.’ Trading @clipperdarrell in the race draft for ___? Y’all pick. Bye !! We don’t have time in 2022.”

Then Davis migrated the shade to Instagram to criticize Clipper Darrell about posting love for Sterling.

“You BABOON !!!” wrote Davis to Clipper Darrell. “Sellout out !! For some tickets. LA don’t love you. FOH with that stanking a– suit.”


Banned For Life

Sterling, who owned the Clippers for 33 years, was banned from the NBA for life in 2014 for his racist attitude toward and remarks about Black people.

Davis knows Sterling very well. He played for the Clippers from 2008 to 2011, when Sterling was still the team’s owner and was notoriously hard on Davis. There have been reports of Sterling constantly heckling Davis during games.

NBA Has Hired A Firm To Conduct An Investigation Into Robert Sarver Allegations | Chris Paul Braces For Another Donald Sterling Situation

In addition to Sterling’s notoriously disrespectful racial remarks about Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Sterling’s criticism of Davis explains his hostility toward the disgraced former owner.

In 2014, TMZ Sports first reported Sterling on tape admonishing his side chick, V. Stiviano, for “associating with Black people” publicly and through social media. He was distraught that she would invite Magic Johnson to attend Clippers games.

Questioning Magic

Sterling vehemently derided the Lakers legend, using racial epithets and questioning Johnson’s community record with Black people.

Eventually, Sterling was banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million by the NBA after the private recordings of him making racist comments were made public. The fine levied against Silver was the maximum allowed under the league’s constitution.

Major Changes Made

The NBA Board of Governors forced a sale of the Clippers, and Steve Ballmer then purchased the team. Other notable ex-players like Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor said back in 2014 that they had to endure over two decades of Sterling’s racism.

NBA star Chris Paul, who was the president of the National Basketball Players Association at the time, also released a statement on the NBPA’s official website shortly after the audio was leaked.

“On behalf of the National Basketball Players Association, this is a very serious issue which we will address aggressively.”

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