Yankees Fans Played Themselves For Booing Giancarlo Stanton

On Wednesday all was well in the BX as fans got a glimpse into the potential devastation that their new Murderers Row lineup can inflict on suspect pitching. Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez launched two-run home runs in the Yankees’ 7-2 win over the Tampa Rays on Wednesday.

Stanton finally got the standing ovation he should have gotten every time he stepped to the plate in his first Opening Day game at Yankees Stadium on Tuesday. Instead, he struck out five times and despite an 11-4 Yankees win, Stanton got blessed with total disrespect. It was one of the most disgraceful moments in Yankees history.

Yankees fans who clamored for Stantons arrival straight flipped on him instead of showing Stanton that they have his back and are just happy to have him in the Bronx.

Then on Wednesday he got a standing ovation.

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Stanton, Judge & Sanchez all homer as the Yankees dominate the Rays.

The fact that Stanton came back the very next day and got a standing O for hitting a homer is even more troubling. Players are human beings not robots. New York fans used to understand that. As the millennials begin to fill the stadiums, the desensitization of the sensational in this world continues and its obviously spread to those baseball fans in New York who treated Stanton like a soulless meme or an inflammatory Twitter post, flooding his inbox and timeline with booes.

No wonder people hate New Yorkers. Yankees fans used to be savvy about the game. They understand that baseball is a grueling 162-game marathon, so to boo your prized free agent superstar after five games, when he already hit a home run on Opening Day is just perplexing.

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Yes, Giancarlo Stanton is already getting booed by Yankees fans in his first home game of 2018. https://t.co/F5LlCzV9WQ

Wheres the love and support? Wheres the understanding of long term goals and helping to keep your best players at their best.  There’s no benefit to tearing Stanton down before he can help build the Yankees up.

To what extent has the IQ of Yankees fans regressed? The Yanks just signed one of the most prolific power hitters of all-time and are World Series favorites. Is this what Stanton can expect when he doesnt jack homers and perform up to All-Star status every game?

Baseball isnt like that. You cant react to every at-bat and every pitch like its fourth quarter of a football game and there’s 1:00 minute left on the clock. You certainly cant boo your best player five games into the season.

It was a scary moment and shows a changing attitude in the new Yankees fans as entitled, brat fans who lack the class and baseball savvy of their forefathers.

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