“Wore It To Tunnel …Then Returned It Yesterday” | Luxury Clothing Store Employee Calls Out Lakers Player Jarred Vanderbilt For Wearing $2K Outfit And Returning It Next Day

Los Angeles Lakers forward Jarred Vanderbilt has been a pleasant surprise since his midseason arrival via trade from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The former Kentucky Wildcats star has provided great defense, rebounding and athleticism for the surging Lakers. 

Who Is Jarred Vanderbilt?

Known as one of the more laid-back and quiet personalities on the Lakers squad, “Vando” seems to also dress pretty normal in comparison to some flamboyant fashion plates we see walk the tunnel daily with outfits that jump off the screen.

Ya Fakin’ The Funk

That is until Game 1 of the Lakers current Western Conference Semifinals matchup versus the Golden State Warriors. That’s when Vando reportedly wore a $2,000 outfit to the game and then returned it the next day.  

A store employee of a luxury brand took to Twitter and blasted Vanderbilt for allegedly doing such a thing. 

“Nice guy, but …. Bought 2K worth of clothes Monday, this outfit especially. Wore it to tunnel and postgame Tuesday, then returned it yesterday. I wasn’t at the store and someone took the return, lord knows why… Obviously used clothing…” the caption on the photo read. 

Vanderbilt has yet to respond, but former Timberwolves teammate Patrick Beverley had a little fun at his expense. 

Pat Bev Clowns Vando

When news of the story broke, most probably laughed at the thought of an NBA player who makes over $4 million per season doing a ghetto wear-and-return after being spotted in the outfit the previous night. Of course, former teammate Patrick “Play In Champion” Beverly couldn’t resist the urge to prod his former teammate and friend, by retweeting the pic with a caption.

“Naw Vando say it ain’t so.”

It’s all alleged, but why would someone care to make up a story about clothes being returned, unless it’s someone who isn’t hurting for money or clout. Vando has to realize that he is a pro playing for the most high-profile franchise in the NBA. Word gets around quickly.

Vanderbilt Has Been Focused On Guarding Steph Curry

Maybe the reason why Vando hasn’t responded is his task against the Warriors has been to guard Stephen Curry nightly. He doesn’t have any time to focus on anything else. If he succeeds in that task and helps the Lakers win, it only enhances his future NBA options. Those players who have been loyal to LeBron’s legacy goals eat well in the league. Ask Tristan Thompson.

Following the Lakers Game 1 win, Vanderbilt told Marc J. Spears of Andscape what it’s like to guard one of the greatest players ever. 

“He’s a hell of a player,” Vanderbilt said of Curry. “He’s even more dangerous without the ball. One second you think you can relax and give it up. That is when you have to lock in the most. He’s a tough cover. We have a lot of bodies to throw at him. Starting with me, Dennis, I think everyone did a great job of chasing him around kind of wearing him down and making it hard for him.”

That’s been the Lakers strategy with Curry and while he’s gotten his numbers the Warriors trail the series 3-1. Pretty sure Vando couldn’t care less about a returned outfit; he’s just trying to close out Curry and the Warriors. 

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