Word On The Streets Is, Chef Curry Has That MVP On Lock

Pops had a mean stroke, but its clear that Steph Curry took the dead-eye, butter, long-range J from Daddy Dell and added some dynamic aspects of his own, elevating the Curry Family already of solid NBA pedigree to NBA royalty.

Wardell Stephen Curry is one of the deftest and dopest shooters the NBA has known. He’s not lights out like his son Stephen, who has revolutionized the game to an extent by turning the three-point shot into a layup, but Curry played in the NBA from 1986 until 2002.

He possessed one of the game’s deadliest and sweetest strokes and retired as the Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leader in points (9,839) and three-point field goals made (929). He was NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 1994, but that is the highest accolade pops has ever achieved. Daddy Dell has never been the best player on the best team in the NBA.

However, by winning the 2015 NBA MVP Award , Steph’s proved he is that dude and has reached a level of acknowledged greatness exceeding that of his proud daddy. Baby bro Seths NBA dream isnt dead, but his NBA journey isnt quite as smooth and emphatic as the other Curry ballers. Seths seen NBA action and is grinding it out with the the Orlando Magic’s Developmental League team, the Erie BayHawks.

Bottom line is Stephen Curry is the best player in his family and the NBA. Those who feel different will have to take it up with the MVP voters, because the Warriors guard will be named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player today at 1 p.m. at a news conference. It’s the worst kept secret in the game. 

As early as Sunday, teammates used social media to congratulate Curry.

“Congrats to my lil’ bro (Curry) on winning MVP!” David Lee wrote on Instagram. “So proud of how you’ve grown as a player and our leader, well deserved!”

Draymond Green wrote on Twitter, “MVP MVP MVP MVP congrats to my bro @StephenCurry30 well-deserved!!!!”

News of the award was first reported by CSN Bay Area.

Curry, who totaled game-highs in points (22) and assists (seven) Sunday in leading the Warriors to a 101-86 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the second-round of the NBA Playoffs, will become the first Warrior in the franchise’s 53-year California history to win the league’s highest individual honor.

Asked about the award after the game Sunday, Curry said he wasn’t studying individual awards right now. He’s embarking on several playoff series that will be grueling, treacherous, nerve-wrecking and historic. At this point, he’s more concerned with the current playoff series. He’s also not putting the cart ahead of the horse because in reality, Curry’s MVP billing is still just a nasty rumor to fans of explosive-scoring Houston Rockets assassin James Harden, who sources say will be the runner-up.

“It’s hard to kind of separate yourself with other things that may or may not happen,” Curry said in the postgame press conference. “I know what the situation is and I’m just trying to focus on the game. And if I get a call (Monday), I’ll definitely be happy and there will be a lot of people that can be proud of that moment.”

Curry will receive the award prior to Game 2 Tuesday night at Oracle Arena, according to Associated Press.

Curry started in the 2015 All-Star Game, his second consecutive season as a starter and put up magnificent regular season stats as he led the Warriors to a No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. The sixth-year point guard averaged 23.8 points per game (sixth in the league), 7.7 assists (sixth) and 2.04 steals (fourth). He shot 44.3 percent from 3-point distance (fourth), 91.4 percent on free throws (first) and his 48.7 percent overall shooting percentage led all point guards.

In addition to the glossy numbers, Curry’s true appeal lies in the fact that he is almost everybody’s favorite player. He appeals to the common man because he resembles a happy-go-lucky high school kid in size and appearance, but he does giant things on the hardwood. He’s exciting, flashy and possesses all of the skills that make his game soft on the eyes. And in basketball these days, three-pointers are like homers in baseball. They provide a knockout element to the game that can cripple an opposing team. Fans crave it. Some coaches live by it. Its the most effective way to make up large deficits or build large leads in a short period of time.

Other cats may be just as valuable to their squad as Curry is to Golden State, but they don’t have his swag, captivating aura or supporting cast. After all, he is one-half of the World Famous Splash Brothers and Steve Kerr’s roster is stuffed like the ballot boxes in the hood when Obama is running for President.

Dude has mega help. The fact that his team is so diverse and talent-laden allows him to do his thing even more. He has a graceful fluidity about him, but he can get street with the pill, shed his pretty boy, jump-shooting persona and go silly to the cup. He’ll get gritty on the flip side of the ball and he has some Chris Paul in him when he glides on the statuesque monsters of the middle.

People love the underdog and Curry never had it easy. If scouts weren’t questioning his size, they were questioning his ability to play at the pro level coming out of Davidson. He’s known for his work ethic and being a gym rat since he was an adolescent. He went from NBA All-Star snub to leading the league in All-Star voting love.

People respect guys who have special talents, dont get the immediate recognition but still work hard and stay motivated and eventually prove the haters wrong. When they started making rap songs referencing his name…well he became immortalized.

The NBA loves high-scoring combo guards. Derrick Rose stole everyones heart in 2011, when he was voted MVP. It’s Steph’s turn to rock the spotlight.

It’s an American success story and the icing on the cake would be an NBA Championship. And starting today, Curry will be balling with one championship belt already accumulated Best In The Game.

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