With Foles Out NFC Likely to Become Very Messy

The NFC East has always been a particularly nasty division to play in, regardless of a team’s individual record, and now things have just gotten weirder. After taking a nasty shot at the hands of a Houston defender, Eagle’s quarterback Nick Foles, was helped off the field and did not return. Eagle’s fans watched in horror as Mark Sanchez came in to finish the game. They would be spared as Sanchez only threw two picks and had one touchdown, his first as an Eagle.


Every quarterback in the division has been injured, except for Eli Manning. RGIII went down with an ankle injury that has taken most of the first half of the season to heal. Now that RGIII is back, his durability will be a constant question; the young QB got sacked a lot in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings. The Redskin’s are going to have to figure out a way to protect RGIII if they want him to have a shot at playing another season. 


The Dallas Cowboys lost Tony Romo, who easily makes up 45 percent of their offense. Yes, it had seemed sometimes that you could plug anyone in there and just run the ball with Demarco Murray on every down and eventually he would get you a touchdown; on Sunday, the Cowboys found out the hard way that its not that simple.  Romo is a gunslinger and Weeden is a Nerf gun it's that simple, I doubt that there are any capable backups on the open market as well, which means that the Cowboys are stuck with him. Without Romo adjusting receivers routes, adjusting protections, and just overall being better than Weeden the Cowboys look lost and frustrated.


Everyone but the quarterback is hurt on the Giants, so that’s pretty much where their season has gone. The Eagles after losing Foles, lost Demeco Ryans, their most dangerous linebacker, for the season with a torn achilles. The top two NFC East teams have been exposed and the others were left to hang out to dry. These are major injuries that could send the Eagle’s spiraling in a division that is clearly up for grabs.


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