Winning In Reverse: Black NASCAR Pioneer Bill Lester Speaks On His Improbable Journey In New Book


Everybody knows Bubba Wallace, but 60-year-old Bill Lester is one of only a handful of Black men to race in NASCAR’s Cup Series.

Wendell Scott was the first Black driver to race on the NASCAR level in the 60s and 70s, Willy T. Ribbs came in the 80s and then Lester broke the glass ceiling in 2006, leading to the emergence of Bubba Wallace as an ultimate brand and ambassador for Black America’s new fusion with the sport.

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Lester appeared on Larry Woodard’s ADmire! pod to talk about his new book Winning in Reverse, chasing dreams, overcoming systemic racism, and the importance of gratitude

LISTEN: Season 2 -Epsiode 6 Guest – Bill Lester



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