Will The Black Panther Be Stalking at a Theater Near You?

Nate Moore, senior director of development and co-producer of the upcoming Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier film that is slated for release on April 4, is a brother you may not know of but that's about to change. With the plethora of films based upon Marvel Comics characters that has been bestowed upon the public over the past three years, it is only natural for some people to wonder whether or not we can expect to see a solo offering for arguably one of the most intelligent and resourceful superheroes of African descent to in the entire Marvel Universe, T’challa aka the Black Panther.  

The Shadow League was on hand at a recent press event for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier in Atlanta and was told the film is all lined up, but with one exception-they need an actor who can pull it off.  For those that don’t know, the Black Panther hails from the mythical African kingdom of Wakanda in Marvel lure. He is a scientific genius rivaled by few, and is an expert martial artist and detective as well. T’Challa is his alter ego and is also the leader of that nation as well. Physically he is on par with Captain America. Stay tuned to The Shadow League for more news on the Black Panther film as the story breaks.

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