5 Moments That Let Us Know That Chad Boseman Was The Sh*t  

We lost a great talent and rising icon in Black culture and film last night. In his brief 43 years of living, the last four spent battling debilitating colon cancer, Chadwick Boseman was able to leave a catalog of impactful, informative and inspirational films. Films that highlighted the heroics and humanity of several Black icons. In addition, he was the leading character in Black Panther, one of the most successful films in the history of motion pictures. 

Boseman’s effect on Black culture is undeniable. He joins Kobe Bryant as the second irreplaceable Black icon, whose life was cut short in 2020 — before he got the chance to complete what was sure to be a game-changing journey. 

The Shadow League decided to reflect on Boseman’s shooting star legacy by flashing back to different interviews he’s had over the years. These interviews reflect his talent and vision but also his humility, consciousness and seriousness when attacking some challenging, multi-dimensional, conflicting and iconic roles. 

  1. Chad explains how he developed his Wakandan accent for Black Panther

2. Chad Boseman talks about his biggest personal challenge playing the great Jackie Robinson in 42. 

3. Chad Boseman discusses the intense dance training he endured to prepare himself for the role of the greatest showman to ever live, Soul Brother No. 1, James Brown. 


4.  Just as Black Panther was about to hit the big screen, director Ryan Coogler & Chad Boseman discuss the cultural magnitude of the movie and the hype surrounding the watershed film and how it was crafted.


Black Panther would go on to smash box office records and generated $1.34 billion dollars, putting to rest the fallacy that all-black casts with storylines based on Black culture, can’t draw like an all-white cast.

5. Chad Boseman discusses what he thinks the honorable Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall (first Black judge to sit on US Supreme Court) would think about the NFL protests on The View. 

Bonus: Who can forget when he hosted SNL with Cardi B? #classiclikejurassic 

Rest In Power & Peace !!

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