Why Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence Doesn’t Want Kids

Jacksonville Jaguars Pro Bowl QB Trevor Lawrence is not planning on having kids with his wife Marissa Mowry. At least not anytime soon.

“I don’t know when that’s gonna be. I think we’re gonna wait a little while,” the professional football player said. “We’ve really just enjoyed not having the responsibility of having kids [right now]. … I wouldn’t say near future, but in the future. So, probably in the next few years. We’re just enjoying where we’re at and we wanna travel and be able to do all that before we kind of settle down.”


Who Is Trevor Lawrence’s Wife Marissa Mowry?

Lawrence met Mowry when they were in the fifth grade, and they married in 2021 at the ages of 21. It makes sense that he’s not ready for kids.

“We met in fifth grade, so I won’t say I knew [she was The One] in fifth grade,” said Lawrence. “We started dating seriously in 10th grade. And then we were, like everyone, kind of [were] off and on for a while and then once we got to college it got really serious.”

He and Mowry are young and need to enjoy being a young married couple. Having children, particularly if you plan to be active parents, requires time and a commitment. It’s OK not to be ready for that responsibility at 23. Prioritizing each other and that relationship is key in the early years. Something Lawrence seems to understand.

“Whether that’s going out or that’s ordering in and just hanging out and having a glass of wine or whatever just to try to spend that time together,” Lawrence shared. “Cause during the week it gets kind of busy and then, especially, when we have families coming in town on the weekends and that’s even busier. We’ve gotten better and better at making time, making sure that we have time together and really prioritizing that.”

Lawrence and the Jaguars finished first in the AFC South with a 9-8 record, they won their wild card playoff matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. They then lost in the divisional round to the eventual conference champion Kansas City Chiefs.

So while Lawrence won’t be on the field in Arizona for Super Bowl LVII, he will be in town to watch the game and says he thinks the Chiefs will win it, “just because they beat us.”

“I’m gonna be in Arizona and I’ll be watching the game with Christian Kirk and his fiancée,  [Ozzy Ozkan], and my wife,” the quarterback told Us, referring to the Arizona Cardinals athlete. “So we’ll all be together. So whatever they end up having at the house, hopefully they [get] some of [my favorite snacks, including Buffalo chicken dip and nachos]. I’ll have to let them know.”

Lawrence was a top-10 QB this past season. He ranked seventh in DYAR, sixth in DVOA, and eighth in EYds.

At just 23 the future looks bright in Jacksonville, and as Lawrence continues to develop he should be the player that helms multiple deep playoff runs.

As he’s looking to improve to the elite tier of QBs in the league, all of his time and attention will be devoted to that. Having kids now might complicate that equation. Assuming good health for he and Mowry, playing the waiting game makes perfect sense.


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