Why Frank Vogel Isn’t The Answer In Phoenix | NBA Champion Coach Hired Over Other Viable Candidates

The Phoenix Suns shocked everyone when they fired former NBA Coach of the Year Monty Williams following a second-round exit from the playoffs for the second consecutive season.

In both instances the team was blown out, and new owner Mat “Mix It Up With Jokic” Ishbia decided it was time to part ways despite Williams still being owed $21 million over the next three seasons.

Monty Williams Gets Paid  

While Williams just landed the richest contract for a coach in NBA history with the Detroit Pistons, six-years, $78.5 million to resurrect a rather dormant Motor City franchise, the Suns went the complete opposite route in hiring former Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana Pacers head coach Frank Vogel. 

Was Frank Vogel A Good Hire?

Vogel, known as a defensive guru, will now get a chance to coach Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Chris Paul, after coaching LeBron James and Anthony Davis to a championship in the “NBA bubble.”

But is he the right choice to lead the Suns as they’re currently constructed?

Vogel Isn’t The Answer In Valley Of The Sun

The Suns hiring process didn’t take long, and in the end Vogel emerged from a group of finalists which included Doc Rivers, Suns assistant Kevin Young, and Nick Nurse, whom many believed would be the choice. As for Young, whom Booker really wanted to get the gig, the Suns instead made him the highest-paid assistant in the league. 

Vogel is a good coach, but just not the right one for the Suns. Known for his defensive prowess as a head coach, Vogel may make the Suns a better defensive team, but someone needs to come in and put an offensive system in place. With Durant and Booker it looked a lot like Durant’s time with OKC Thunder when he and Russell Westbrook played more hero ball than real offensive system basketball. That style works until it doesn’t, and if the Suns are to have success under Vogel he’ll need to figure that out. In Vogel’s previous stops, although he was successful, his offenses were never anything to write home about. 

Some believe he’s an upgrade over the aforementioned Williams, and he’s cheaper per season as well. But that view is mistaken, because he’s had more talent than Monty until this season when the Suns acquired KD at the trade deadline. 

Vogel Is A Retread, Suns Should’ve Hired Young

Following the Williams dismissal, some believed Young was a shoo-in to take the reins. The very opinionated Bill Simmons was adamant that Young would get the job, even mentioning it on his podcast. 

“From the producers of I told you Bronny James was going to USC six weeks ago, it’s gonna be Kevin Young,” Simmons said on a recent podcast. 

Simmons seemingly had no problem taking the loss in being wrong, and he even tweeted about it:

As Simmons’ tweet stated Vogel is the splashier, more experienced hire, but Young is ready and could be exactly what the Suns need, not another retread that’s been solid as a coach but nothing that makes you go we’ve gotta have him. 

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