Why Do Several Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Antibiotic Resistant MRSA?

Just when you thought that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' issues were over once  they cut Josh Freeman, they encounter a much worse problem, an antibiotic-resistant infection called MRSA. According to Pro Football Talk the infection has spread to other players. First it was Lawrence Tynes now it has affected  Johnathan Banks,  guard Carl Nicks.

From Pro Football Talk:

The potent bacteria already has ended the season of kicker Lawrence Tynes.  Likewise, it was reported on Thursday that the infection has returned to the foot of guard Carl Nicks.


Until then, Stroud reports that Nicks, receiver Mike Williams, and cornerback Johnthan Banks are not present at practice.  It’s possible that Williams or Banks is the latest player with MRSA.  Williams previously was on the injury report this week with a hamstring problem; Banks was not mentioned.

MRSA is an infection that can become very fatal if  it’s not treated properly.  The news of the infection is another blow to the team this season. What began as a few isolated incidents is now causing alarm throughout the Bucs Organization. according to sports radio legend Mike Francesaof WFAN, "The NFL is condidering cancelling the game on Sunday,"until they get a medical hamdle on this". What we know now is that The NFL is taking a huge precaution by cancelling Sunday's game. It's only right because the last thing the NFL needs is a huge health scare.