Why Beyonce’s Coachella Performance Was A Love Letter To HBCU Culture

On April 14, 2018, history was made when Beyonc Giselle Knowles-Carter renamed Coachella, Beychella. As the first black woman to ever headline the festival, Beys 2 hour plus set was an education, no dissertation, in all aspects of black music culture.

From stepping, recruiting former black college band alumni, and even a divine 9-styled probate, Yonce took White America deep into HBCU territory unapologetically. The HBCU experience and its impact on virtually all aspects of American culture are often ignored, yet Bey used her platform to use one of the premier music (and undeniably caucasian) festivals, to bring black excellence to the forefront. And what can I say, Im officially apart of HBeyCU.

HBCU SpotlightTV on Twitter

So Beyonce decided she wanted to throw some Dancing Doll counts while at #BeyChella. I mean it was only right! https://t.co/8ZfQLyhZVa

With the recent emergence of so many diverse forms of content that reflect the current black experience, white Americans having to grasp with the fact that African Americans are more than their entertainment. And over the past few albums and on the biggest stages, Beys given more than a few hints that she’s paying attention to what happening across the country. 

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Over a 20-year career, Beyonc has become one of the most recognizable stars on the planet and since her Beychella performance, the argument that she is greater than Michael Jackson in GOAT status is getting louder and more valid with each global moment. Her work ethic is unmatched and legendary and complete master of her multiple businesses. From 12 hour practices, strict vegan diets, raising a family of future stars, Beyonc has set the stage for performers here on out. 

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I saw it with my own two eyes. Beyonce is the greatest entertainer to ever live and the Queen of Music.

While exhaustion comes easy when you see Yonce being a mom, wife, managing her career and posting bomb photos on IG? Whats your excuse? Yonce calls to women, especially black women, to recognize the power you have internally and the ability to be flawless while owning it. Dont confuse her call for perfection to being perfect. Every song about women empowerment, Bey reinforces the importance of a support system, recognizing that your greatness and that hustling for your dream takes 100% of your time. It can all come true if you work for it. 

If they were any doubts that this instant classic of a set wasn’t an homage to black music and hbcu culture, Beyonce announced a scholarship fund that will directly impact future HBCU college-bound kids. Beyonce’s set was a watershed moment and an example, that even in previously unoccupied spaces, mediocrity will never be accepted. 

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