Who Is College Football’s Heis(m)enberg?

Derek Carr – (Brock) The younger sibling of former No. 1 overall pick and former NFL rag doll David Carr thrust himself into the Heisman spotlight with a 460-yard, four touchdown shootout victory over Boise State.

Marcus Mariota – (Todd) Mariota is next in line to assume the Heisman mantle from Johnny Manziel (see above). Mariota has a history with Manziel. Both were once committed to the Oregon Ducks as high school prospects. Mariota's rushing yardage is up from a year ago and he possesses the second-highest QBR in the nation.

Jameis Winston – (Flynn) He’s the youngest member of this Heisman list. Winston is being hailed as the chosen one in Tallahassee and he has yet to make a mistake on the field in his first three starts.

Bryce Petty/ Lache Seastrunk – (Leonel & Marco Salamanca) At this point they are the most feared pair of offensive assassins in the nation. Baylor has become Oregon of the South, which is fitting because Seastrunk has played for both Art Briles and Kelly.  The Bears have the nation’s first ranked scoring offense, second-best scoring defense, third in passing yardage, eighth in rushing yards while getting fat on cupcakes. We won't get a feel for them until Nov. when they face Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU and Texas in succession.

Johnny Manziel – (Jesse Pinkman) He throws money all over the place, parties like there’s no tomorrow and toes the line between being out of control and is a recidivist rabble-rouser who seems oblivious to consequences. The NCAA’s tried to catch him on a number of occasions, but he’s as slippery off the field as he is on it.

Whatever Happened To…?

Braxton Miller- (Gale Boetticher) Publicly and privately, by all accounts, support each other, but Miller has to be feeling uneasy about Kenny Guiton making him look replaceable in Urban Meyer’s. Before his injury, Miller was indispensable. Guiton has replicated his formula with ease. They can learn from one another, but only one can take the snaps.