Whites Suddenly Like Black Films Too!

With the recent success of black-themed films like The Butler, 12 Years a Slave and The Best Man Holiday it is becoming increasingly apparent that Hollywood is in the midst of what appears to be a golden age for black film. It is not as if filmmaking of color has not always been worthy of global recognition. But the Hollywood Reporter's angle is as if there was never a good black movie made prior to 2010.  Here's some of what they had to say about the "phenomenon."

"While traditional fare such as Best Man Holiday is prospering, Fruitvale Station, Lee Daniels' The Butler and 12 Years a Slave have exceeded expectations by appealing to both black and white audiences." the article read.

Weinstein Company distribution cheif Erik Lomis says he felt the films would not have gotten any love from white movie goers 25 years ago, as if that wasn't the most obvious statement ever. But I digress. As recently as January 2012 white audiences largely ignored the George Lucas action film Red Tails, dedicated to the memory and sacrifice of the Tuskegee Airman. Only 7 percent of the film's audience were white, according to THR.

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