White People, Enough With the Blackface

    Like an incurable and recurring infection, blackface just never seems to go away. This disease rages throughout the nation and in other places around the world.

    What is it about blackface? What is it that attracts people to do it? Could blackface be the equivalent of smoking crack for some people? You know that it's terribly wrong, but it damn sure feels good.

    Every year around this time, people feel compelled to don blackface even as the media continue to write stories explaining how racist it is to do so. The website shouldidressinblackfacethishalloween.com is even offering friendly advice on whether you should go in blackface or not.

    Here's a list of the most recent transgressions — along with some infamous cases from the past. As President Obama would say, let this be a teachable moment. But no matter how ridiculous the use of blackface is, unfortunately it's probably just a matter of time until the next idiot smears his or her reputation with blackface.