While You Were Working: The Knicks Were Missing Practice

Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and Kenyon Martin all missed practice on Monday with various injuries and ailments. The practice was just a light practice on an off-day, so Knicks fans don't need to be any more concerned than they already are (which is already very, very much, but still).


Kevin Durant is doing it all for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but he says he can do even more.


Derrick Rose thought about returning against the Miami Heat, but has officially decided against it. 


Chip Kelly hates tacos.


Could the Jets trade Mark Sanchez?


Buddy Nix has stepped down as the GM for the Buffalo Bills. 


Venus Williams was ousted in the first round in Rome. Her opponent, Laura Robson, now faces Serena. 


The Great Gatsby was unable to oust Ironman 3 from the box office throne.


OJ Simpson had another day in court. 


If you get your fashion advice from Danny Brown, expect some strange looks. But here it is. 


Kendrick Lamar drops a video for "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe." He also stopped by a school in Rhode Island after the school won a national attendance contest, and spoke about his education and how it influenced him to become a rapper.


Detroit's finances are much worse than the dire forcast already projected for the city. 


Check out pictures from Kanye's time on the set of Anchorman 2.


Manny is still being Manny.


Skylar Gray isn't playing around with her debut album.


The Iranian President may receive 74 lashings for a potential voting violation. 


19 people were shot and killed during a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans.


The GOP has begun the war against Hillary Clinton. 


President Obama calls the IRS targeting of GOP organizations is "outrageous."


The United Nations has a solution to world hunger and pollution: eat more bugs.


A man in Seattle has a drone with a camera, and wouldn't stop flying it near his neighbor's window. This, or something similar is going to be a precedent-setting case.


Medical marijuana dispensaries will soon be open in Washington D.C.


Suicide rates have risen amongst middle-aged men over the last decade, likely due to the poor economy which brings about unemployment and loneliness. 


Chucky Thompson describes what it was like producing Nas' "One Mic."

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