While You Were Working: The Cubs Were Thinking About Moving

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts wants a new scoreboard at Wrigley Field, and says he'll move the team if he can't get it. 


Aramis Ramirez is skipping his rehab assignment and will join the Brewers on Friday.


Kenyon Martin says the Knicks won't let Boston get past Game 5.


Former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley admits to having suicidal thoughts.



Check out a newscast during the LA riots in 1992. Can you imagine CNN cutting away from the Boston bombings? 


Lil' Wayne suffered another seizure in LA. He also (finally) apologized for his Emmett Till lyrics.


A five-year-old boy killed his two-year-old sister with a rifle he got as a present. 


Three more people have been arrested in connection to the Boston bombing, and are accused of obstructing justice.


Michael Bloomberg accused the New York Times of being racist against black people. 





Vinny Del Negro is getting frustrated with DeAndre Jordan. Is this the first time he has seen DeAndre Jordan play?

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