While You Were Working: Reggie Bush Became a Detroit Lion

After a couple of seasons of proving himself as an every-down back with the Miami Dolphins, Reggie Bush is moving on to the Detroit Lions, which agreed to a four-year deal with the former running back out of USC. Last season, Bush fell just shy of his second consecutive 1,000-yard rushing season in Miami. The Bush signing is the highlight of a free agent overhaul by the Lions, a team that seemed like it was on the rise with a 10-6 record in 2011, before last years disappointing 4-12 in 2012. 






Word is supposed to come down from the NBA today on whether DeMarcus Cousins gets suspended for this elbow to Mike Dunleavy's dome the other night. Cousins says the reaction by Dunleavy was exaggerated, and yanno, if Cousins didn't have the reputation that he has, he MIGHT be able to get the benefit of the doubt. This isn't the Metta World Peace elbow on James Harden in last year's playoffs. 




Here's a look at the Top 10 plays from Tuesday night's NBA action:

The Super Bowl champion Ravens squad has been dismantled for the most part. With Ray Lewis retiring, Anquan Boldin being traded to the 49ers of all teams, and the Ravens still dropping veterans from the roster like flies, it's only fitting that Lewis would discuss his former team in his first day on-air at ESPN. Bernard Pollard is the latest salary cap casualty in Baltimore. 



Carmelo Anthony is considering having his knee drained

Just days before signing a letter of intent with LSU and following in his brother Jordan Jefferson's footsteps, Rickey Jefferson banged on a cop.

Is Google sexist and racist? Run a search on "black girls."



Michael Strautmanis, President Obama's deputy assistant who's been riding with the prez since the very beginning of his Senate term, is leaving the White House for a senior executive position with the Walt Disney Co.'s corporate citizenship team

Joe Budden discusses the spectacle with Consequence at the Love & Hip-Hop with Angie Martinez:



Republican Florida Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll has resigned amid a gambling, racketeering and conflict-of-interest scandal. She was the first black official elected statewide in Florida woman to serve as the state's lieutenant governor.

Big KRIT has a new track called "R.E.M." that's worth a listen:

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