While You Were Working: NFL Squads Drop Low-End Quarterbacks

The Kansas City Chiefs released Matt Cassel today and Kevin Kolb is on his way out in Arizona, as well. In KC, it was only a matter of time before Cassel saw the door since the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith not too long ago. Kolb is sure to be next, since it doesn't make sense to pay $9 million to a QB no one is sure can actually play. 

But the New York Daily News is reporting that Kolb could become part of a whole new debacle of a quarterback competition with the Jets. That's Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Tim Tebow, and Greg McElroy all competing for a job. Throw Kolb in there if he signs. Just went you thought it couldn't get any more awkward out there.






Josh Cribbs gave an emotional farewell to the folks in Cleveland via Instagram. I guess he was going for some kind of anti-LeBron strategy here:

Hey, when you're looking for work, you're looking for work, right?






Why is Antawn Jamison getting in Al Horford's way here? Is he not too old for this foolishness?

The NCAA's new interim head of enforcement says he's been told he'll have 18 months to prove he can do the job. It will be up to NCAA President Mark Emmert to decide whether Jonathan Duncan keeps his gig beyond that. 

New York state gun show operators agreed to new rules to make sure that criminal and mental health background checks are conducted on buyers. Kind of scary that this wasn't already the case, but okay. 

A measure to reinstate a ban on assault weapons was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, the first major Congressional vote on the issue since 2004 when the ban expired. 

A Carnival cruise ship was stuck at a Carribean port this morning with equipment trouble

Why is the San Diego City Council weighing in on the Padres' broadcast situation?

Teenagers in Brooklyn fought back after a cop killed a local 16-year-old boy. Many in the community are calling it racialized police brutality. In New York? No way.

Future has a video with Casino for "Keep On Shinin."

You don't want to miss this interview with Big Daddy Kane discussing his first album in 15 years.  

Here's AZ freestyling with "Thank You."

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