While You Were Working: MLB Handed Out Biogenesis Suspensions

12 players were suspended for 50 games by MLB for their involvement to Biogenesis, including Nelson Cruz of the Texas Rangers. He's leads the Rangers in home runs (26) and RBI (75). 

Alex Rodriguez was also suspended by the league, but is the lone player appealing the process. He's scheduled to start tonight against the White Sox. You can follow the circus surrounding A-Rod in Chicago live here,



RG3 says he doesn't have any problems with his knee and he's ready to move on from drills he's been limited to in practice. Don't suppose they can really take his word on that one now, can they?


Kevin Sumlin says he didn't find out about the NCAA investigation of Johnny Manziel until Saturday. A friend of Manziel's reportedly told a broker he won't sign anything for free anymore.



Alabama signed the No. 2 rated QB in the 2015 class, Ricky Town from California. 


Mark Sanchez is already getting booed in New York. Santonio Holmes may miss four weeks.


Here's what Clint Dempsey meant when he said, "[Seattle] moved mountains to get me here." 


Newsweek's new owner may or may not believe he is the second coming of Christ.


President Obama will speak to 4,000 veterans about the backlog in veterans benefits.


Republicans are threatening to block CNN and NBC from airing their debates if they follow through with planned programs centered around Hillary Clinton.


Another version of Beyonce's "Grown Woman" hit the internet for a few hours before it was taken down. 


Big Sean gave his biggest fan a preview of Hall of Fame.


In case you missed it, Jay Z premiered his video for "Picasso Baby."

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