While You Were Working: LeSean McCoy Got Dusted By Mike Vick

LeSean McCoy bugged Mike Vick for the last few weeks about getting older and slower. Vick finally broke down and agreed to race McCoy. Bad move for the young'n, who got smoked by about five yards in a 40-yard dash.


Mike D'Antoni is looking for some defensive help, namely in the form of Nate McMillan or Alvin Gentry, or anyone else who might replace him in the future. Also, the Milwaukee Bucks reportedly have interest in Stan Van Gundy.


Kirk Hinrich will likely miss tonight's game against the Nets with a calf injury, 


According to the NYPD Commissioner, African Americans are being "understopped."


Nardwuar vs. Questiove. There may never have been as much musical knowledge in one interview.


Studies show most people aren't getting enough exercise. 


Johnathan Abraham is meeting with the Tennessee Titans as he looks to find his new home in the offseason.


Here's Jay-Z's contribution to The Great Gatsby soundtrack, "100$ Bill." You can catch the rest of the soundtrack here.


Damian Lillard, fresh off his Rookie of the Year award, will be training with Gary Payton this summer to work on his defense.


A kid posted some rap lyrics about the Boston bombings, was arrested, charged with terroristic threats and had bail set at $1 million. Excessive?


Talib Kweli has another track from Prisoner of Conscious, this time with Busta Rhymes.


Scientists have discovered the fountain of youth! Turns out, the key was in our brain.


Did Kanye just tweet his album release date?



And you guys thought Jordan Crawford talking smack to Carmelo Anthony after not playing was weak…



Mark Sanchez says he's "thrilled" to have more QB competition. At least someone in the Jets organization is saying the right things…


Kendrick Lamar brought out J. Cole during his stop in North Carolina.

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