While You Were Working: Iman Shumpert Got A Verse On Michelle Obama’s Album

    Iman Shumpert will appear on Michelle Obama's upcoming album on a track with Artie Green called "Pass The Rock."

    Here's a brief primer on the album.

    Although she probably won’t rhyme or sing on any songs, it will be the first time that a first lady has delved into hip-hop for a greater cause.

    The album will promote Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Obama enlisted DMC, Doug E. Fresh, Ashanti, Monifah and other artists to create songs on the 19-track album.

    The project, sponsored by Partnership For A Healthier America and Hip Hop Public Health, will seek to raise awareness through entertainment.


    Kobe Bryant says his achillies tendon feels "really, really good." 


    West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen said the media misconstrued his comments about leadership on last year's team, saying, "Geno Smith was one of the only real leaders we had on the team in 2012."


    RG3 spoke with GQ about Rob Parker, Donovan McNabb, running quarterbacks and gay players in the NFL.


    James Harrison is not a fan of Hard Knocks at all.


    Steve Spurrier said South Carolina may play without Jadeveon Clowney in the first week due to injury, though it was more Spurrier being Spurrier than anything to be worried about.


    The University of Texas sold the most merchandise last year. Six SEC school helped fill out the top ten. It totaled a whopping $4.62 billion.


    The Tampa Bay Bucs are will consider playing Darrelle Revis in Week 3 of the preseason.


    Bill Belichick isn't ready to discuss Tim Tebow's roster spot just yet. 


    Jerry Stackhouse says LeBron James is "misinformed" about the state of the union, and shouldn't speak on manners in which he is unfamiliar, in response to his potential run for NBPA president.


    Next NBA commissioner Adam Silver says the NBA isn't aware of any connection to Biogenesis and are working on HGH testing.


    The PGA is reportedly interested in taking over the Euro tour.


    David Lee and Kent Blazemore hit up Rucker Park and did their thing.


    The federal government is attempting to block a merger between US Airways and American Airlines that would form the largest airline in the world. 


    AOL fired one of their executives in front of over 1,000 employees. Yikes.


    Billboards in Detroit advertised the wrong date for election day.


    Not only are fracking chemicals getting into our water, they might also be destroying the trains transporting them across the country. 


    College students across the country are not only seeing their tuition rise, but expenses rise as well.

    The price of housing and food trumps tuition costs for students who attend two- and four-year public universities in their home states, according to a College Board survey. Even with the lower interest rates on student loans that President Barack Obama signed into law, students are eyeing bills that are growing on just about every line. 


    The government is worried about the potential power and danger of large data mining operations that could be used against the United States, just like the one the NSA built. That's right: the government is officially scared that someone else will do the same thing they've done. 


    Hundreds of people were evacuated in Idaho due to wildfires.


    The rap game responds to Kendrick Lamar's challenge.




    Black Milk drops a track ahead of his upcoming album No Poison No Paradise.


    Frank Ocean returned the favor to John Mayer and sung an interlude on his latest album.