While You Were Working: Gonzaga Takes The No. 1 Spot

Gonzaga made its way to the AP No. 1 spot for the first time in school history. The Bulldogs are also the fifth squad to hold the top ranking this season.






Kyrie Irving is expected to return to the Cavs' lineup tonight against the Knicks after missing the past three games with a hyperextended knee.

Here's Kevin Durant in flight:

Cold world for Mike Trout and his lightweight contract renewal with the Angels




There's something shady about how the Washington Nationals handled the illness and subsequent death of 18-year-old prospect Yewri Guillen. Deadspin has a breakdown but read the feature on Mother Jones. The Nationals reportedly payed out the kid's $30,000 signing bonus only after the family agreed not to sue them. Why would that be an issue? Maybe because there were no certified athletic trainers at the Nationals' facility in Boca Chica when Guillen began experiencing severe headaches. And since he couldn't afford to pay $1,300 to hit up the best private hospital in the area, the young prospect went to a free clinic that misdiagnosed him.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Jim Valvano's ESPY speech, one of the most moving speeches in the history of sports:

College hoop heads realized last season that Michigan guard Trey Burke was going to be special. Well, here he is at the end of the Michigan State game this weekend, stealing it, slamming it and winning the game for the Wolverines.

At least LeBron thinks about entering the dunk contest sometimes. That make y'all happy?

You think the kid who tossed this lazy pass will throw it ALL THE WAY up the next time he's in the situation?

The NRA is making an attempt to appeal to black folks. The gun rights organization has stood politically on the opposite end of black people's best interest in the past, but they've flipped the script with some of the recent rhetoric and by hiring gun advocate Colion Noir to speak to the community.

Noir mentioned how "cops can't always be there." True story (whether you believe cops have your best interest at heart or not). My thing is, if it's up to the public to take the burden of public safety upon ourselves, what message does it send to actual public safety officials? And do the cops take pay cuts?

Speaking of the NRA, the Sports Business Journal reported that a deal was finalized with Texas Motor Speedway for the NRA to become the title sponsor of the Sprint Cup race on April 13. That dag on NRA has it covered from every angle, huh?

Is Gucci Mane going through some sort of existential crisis?

Michael Jordan gets his Billie Jean on.

A baby in Mississippi became the first documented case of a child being cured of HIV.





High school students around the country are getting suspended for posting Harlem Shake videos. I figure it's the least the school districts can do to help rectify the proliferation of this boredom-induced cornball act. Now if we could do something to reach out to the grown ass clowns posting these things.

Joey Bada$$ put out some previously unreleased tracks from the mixtape New Kid on The Block. Here's the "20 Miles" freestyle:

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