While You Were Working: Floyd Mayweather Kept Making Money

Floyd Mayweather keeps racking up the wins and raking in the big bucks. For the second straight year, he was named the highest-paid athlete in sports. 


Former Jacksonville Jags legend Jimmy Smith endured rumors of cocaine use throughout his NFL career, and it now appears those rumors were true. Smith was sentenced to 4-6 years in jail for possession. 


Matt Forte is preparing for an increased role as a wide receiver with the Chicago Bears.


James Harrison says he spends over $600,000 per year to maintain his body.


Rutgers hired a new AD.


76ers guard Nick Young has been accused of sexual assault.


HSBC is looking to make $3 billion in cuts which may cost thousands of jobs worldwide. This despite their $13 billion profit last year, which would have been $2 billion higher if they hadn't been fined that amount for aiding terrorists. 


Here's what Dick Cheney said about Benghazi, not Iraq. Uncanny lack of self-awareness, though he certainly knows what he's talking about. 

You start out with the truth as reported by the intelligence community, and then you turn it into a total distortion once the political types in the White House and some senior folks at the State Department get their hands on it.


Wealthy people are hiring disabled people to go with them to Disney so they can cut the lines. 


A man accidentally shot himself while bowling. Guess where he was from. It's not hard. (Florida).


A man in Ringgold, GA claims to have found the secret recipe for Coca-Cola. 


Kid Ink's EP Almost Home is almost here. Here's "Sunset."


Sources say the Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro treated his victims like "prisoners of war." He will also plead not guilty to all charges.


Speaker Boehner thinks someone from the IRS needs to go to jail for targeting conservative groups. Really, this all stems from the Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, which caused this whole anonymous money problem in the first place.


Check out which internet companies have your back. Props to Twitter and Dropbox, two of my favorites. 


Whoever downloads the 50 billionth app from iTunes will win $10,000 iTunes dollars, and it will likely happen today.


Kelly Rowland has some dirty laundry to air out. 


Black Hippy are amongst the headliners for the Rock The Bells festival, which will also feature the Wu-Tang clan, Big KRIT, Talib Kweli, Earl Sweatshirt and more.


Drake picked up a dozen BET Awards nominations. Here is the full list of nominees.


Burger King has an answer to the McRib.


Find out what's new with Big Sean, who talks Eminem, Rick Ross, and the ladies.


Twista was supposed to appear on the title track for The Dream's upcoming album, IV Play, but, for whatever reason, didn't make the cut. Here's his version.

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