While You Were Working: Bill Belichick Gave The Party Line On Aaron Hernandez’s Murder Case

Bill Belichick met with the media a day before Patriots players were expected to, and two days before the start of training camp. The expectation (and hope) was that he would in some way address the Aaron Hernandez situation; what went into the decision to release him and how it could all impact the team. He did exactly that. 

Belichick admitted that the organization is re-evaluating the way it evaluates draft prospects. Not to be the cynic here, but this is all political, because the only regret here is signing Hernandez to all of that guaranteed money at the start of last season, not knowing he might've been homicidal. But sports is a bottom line business and the Patriots snagged a first-round talent with a fourth-round pick and helped them form the most dynamic tight end combination in the league. 


The NFL and NFL Players Association staged a negotiating session today in Washington, D.C., to discuss implementing testing for human growth hormone. Players have already agreed to give up blood samples in training camp physicals to determine a threshold for positive tests. 


Joe Flacco has a lot of money and plans to win a lot of football games


It's just about time for training camp and no team has picked up defensive end John Abraham. He visited the Arizona Cardinals today. 


Karl Malone turns 50. 


Lance Armstrong wants a whistleblowing lawsuit against him dismissed


The US is delaying the delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt due to the turmoil following the army's overthrow of Mohammed Morsi as president.


Ford raised its full-year earnings expectations after record profits. 


A ruptured gas well caused a drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico to catch on fire and collapse off the coast of Louisiana.


Goldman Sach's cost consumers billions by inflating the price of items made from aluminum and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to put an end to it


Wallace from The Wire (Michael B. Jordan) might star as Apollo Creed's grandson in Creed 2.0. 


Nas was on with Anderson Cooper discussing the racial disparity in pediatricians’ prescribing anger management to young Black children vs. white children.


Redman takes Eminem's "My 1st Single" and turns it into a weed song. 



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