While You Were Working: Autograph Brokers Played It Cool With The NCAA

The autograph hounds snitching on Johnny Manziel can talk to the media, but they don't have much incentive to cooperate with the NCAA. Section 131 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code allows Texas A&M to sue for damages against someone who is a contributing factor to disciplinary action taken by the NCAA, and “lost television revenues and lost ticket sales of regular season and post-season athletic events” and “reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.”


Jay Cutler is glad to be in a "quarterback friendly" offense where he gets the ball out quickly and doesn't spend half his time digging grass out of his helmet. 


Ben Roethlisberger and Todd Haley came a long way from a year ago, now drinking beer and watching Shark Week together


Alex Smith may not have hard feelings toward Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers fans, but that San Francisco defense is coming for him in the Chiefs preseason game on Friday. They never really got to hit Smith in practice. 


Meanwhile, Clinton Portis is the latest former NFL player suing the league for concussions. 


Major League Baseball announced an expansion in its video review process for next season, which will allow managers one challenge over the first six innings of games and two after the seventh inning until the end of the game


Bud Selig also said Major League Baseball plans to intervene in the Rays stadium situation. 


Hakeem Olajuwon described 10th year NBA center Dwight Howard as "very raw" in assessing their workouts together. 


The Celtics traded Fab Melo to the Grizzlies for Donte Greene. 


76ers owner Josh Harris bought the New Jersey Devils for $320 million.


The coordinating chief for the 2016 Olympics in Rio resigned. Of course, earlier this month the chief operating officer of the local organizing committee said $700 million in public money may be needed to cover a shortfall in the operating budget. Not looking good in Brazil right now. 


Spike Lee sat down with Sports Illustrated and talked about when he was in Barcelona for the Olympics in 1992 and was in a room with Michael Jordan, Magic and Bird for eight hours playing cards.


Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart and incoming Kentucky rookie Julius Randle display their high-flying ability in this clip and show what the NBA Draft Class of 2014 is going to look like.


Missouri Rep. Paul Wieland is asking a federal court for a personal exemption from his state insurance plan's contraception mandate to keep his daughters from using birth control. Wieland says it violates his Catholic faith. So good luck, Gramps. 


Overall, President Obama has granted clemency at a lower rate than any modern president, including both commutations and pardons. If Attorney General Eric Holder is trying a "smart on crime" initiative, you'd think they would freed more prisoners.


Bill de Blasio is doing well in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York and he's the only serious candidate standing in opposition to NYPD's stop-and-frisk practice. But if elected, can he actually do anything about it with a City Council that believes in stop-and-frisk?


A white fraternity and sorority at Dartmouth University threw a "Crips and Bloods" party that one student said in an email to university officials “turned into a ‘ghetto party’ with racialized language, speech and dress." 


WWE wrestler Darren Young announced to a photographer that he is gay and happy


Wale feels like he's the best rapper on the planet and would've been offended if Kendrick hadn't mentioned him in the "Control" verse. 


A$AP Rocky performed "Wild For the Night" on Wild N Out: