While You Were Working: 2.8.13

 Joe Paterno's family will be on Outside the Lines on Sunday with their rebuttal to the Freeh Report that found the legendary coach to be negligent during Jerry Sandusky's run as a child molestor in Happy Valley. 

The Birdman is going to fly in South Beach for the rest of the season. Chris Andersen signed a deal with the Miami Heat, a great team that's still a bit undersized. 

TCU basketball players celebrated that upset win over Kansas like it was the Final Four


Kids can be so cruel. 



It looks like Entergy is taking the blame for the electrical blackout at the Super Bowl. Somebody had to, I suppose. 

Floyd Mayweather is suing a wine bar in New Orleans for using his and Justin Bieber's name to lure Super Bowl fans to the business. 

The east coast storm is threatening Sunday's Clippers-Knicks game (the least of our worries as the storm is concerned, but shows you the seriousness the weather situation).

So who you got in the dunk contest next weekend?

BET has 11 myths about AIDS in Black America, starting with the idea that Magic Johnson is cured and the government has a cure for the disease, but won't share it. 

Tiny thinks she and T.I. could get $10 million for their sex tape that was confiscated in a raid by the feds. 

Curt Schilling said he had gay teammates and didn't care one bit.  

A former LAPD officer went on a shooting rampage and killed three people, including another officer. He's still on the loose.


T.I. offered a track-by-track break down of Trouble Man.

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