While You Were Working: 2.7.13


Curt Schilling went on ESPN radio and discussed the 2008 season in which he was injured. Schilling spent that year on the DL and while he was recovering, Schilling claims members of the Red Sox organization encouraged him to explore PEDs to speed his recovery. The “what do you have to lose?” attitude is telling.



There is a manhunt for a former LAPD officer Chris Dorner, who is a suspect in three shootings, including police officers. Donner appears to be targeting the LAPD, seeking to expose truth, and cited Rodney King in his manifesto, which details incidents throughout his career, published online.



Robert Nkemdiche was committed to Clemson a few months ago. Yesterday, however, he signed with Ole Miss. Apparently, Nkdemdiche's mom decided to have some fun with it.


London was supposed to be Coach K's final run with Team USA, but replacing Coach K is hard and rather than look for a replacement, the committee is giving Coach K a bit more time to think about it.


Ready for some Snoop Lion?



Chip Kelly has selected his defensive coordinator in Philly: Cleveland Browns LB coach Billy Davis.


Also new to Philly: Jeremy Pargo signed a 10-day contract with the 76ers.




Kobe Bryant doesn't think the kids in the NBA know how to talk trash.


The NY Times has a very solid feature on Frank Ocean.


The Clippers hope to get Chris Paul and Blake Griffin back on Friday.


Lionel Messi will stay with Barcelona through 2018.


The Fed has admitted to being hacked, one of several government organizations and businesses to do so recently. The hackers possibly gained access to over 4,000 U.S. bankers.


A Public Policy poll shows Fox News is both the most and least trusted network in America.


Wale discusses the Rick Ross shooting.




Joey Bada$$, Big KRIT and Smoke DZA dropped a dope video for “Underground Airplay”.



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