While You Were Working: 12.26.12

The Carolina Panthers began retweeting Christmas presents their fans sent in earlier today. They obviously weren't checking too hard, as Scott Steele's good ol' bag of weed made the cut. It has since been removed.


Nicki Minaj has more curves than a Formula One race track.


Jay Electronica went on an epic, drunken Twitter rant, commenting on just about everyone in the game.


Check out all of Lionel Messi's record-setting 91 goals from 2012


Have a 2 Chainz Christmas, everyone.


Newt Gingrich, of all people, hopes the GOP is finally coming to grips with reality, while Frank Luntz doesn't think the NRA is listening at all. Going to be tough to have one without the other, fellas.


In the mean time, none of that really matters until this fiscal cliff is averted. I harbored foolish hopes of not having to write “fiscal cliff” again after a 10-day vacation. Alas…


According to investigative reports, 75% of states ignore mental health requirements in gun sales.


DJ Green Lantern is taking things to higher altitudes with his latest mixtape.


Parts of an Ochocinco sex tape hit the web yesterday (Merry Christmas?) and the female in the video has now been identified.

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